Erasmus – Project: Isny – Lipari – Foggia

Interdisciplinary promotion of biodiversity:

The departments BIOTA, CTA, PTA and ITA nta Isny unite together in a project work with agrotechnical trainees and with the scientific technical highschool of Lipari, Italy:

The aim is a sustainable planting of schoolgardens and the introduction of study contents into the currciulum at both places.

Isny has published the draw of the travelling places for the promoted exchange by the European Union on the Aeolian volcanic island Lipari from September 30th – October 5th, 2024.

After having a short briefing by our Erasmus representative Mrs. Steiner, the matching and the contact of the according tandempartner of the Italian school were concretely carried out. The plants for which scientific profiles in partner works are created are now also knonwn and have to be prepared for the cultivation regarding professional parameters such as examination of soil and water quality as well as ingredients and if applicable their pharmaceutical use. Parallel of this social media contents arises, an own logo as well as video works for biodiversity especially in the Allgäu, about plants-DNA, as well as naturally action days at both places.

All sort of common workload, some are publications on virtual platforms of the EU! Next to the workshop „bioremediation“ a scientific evaluation for the resultative protocols of the soil and water analyses follows.

At the final event and the award ceremony at the nta the most beautiful plant profile will be honoured and all participants receive an EU-certificate as reference regarding their collaboration…

Up to this point much remains to be done: We are looking forward to this successful exchange project, which will hopefully grow to its full extent its rooting system!


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